Section author: Jonas Rafi

ANOVA: One-Way

How to perform a One-way ANOVA in jamovi:
  1. You need one continuous continuous dependent variable, and one nominal grouping variable with two or more levels.
    A correct setup should look similar to this:


  2. Select AnalysesANOVAOne-way ANOVA.


  3. Drag and drop your outcome variable to Dependent Variable and your grouping variable to Fixed Factors.


  4. Select whether your variances are equal or unequal. To test for equality of variancess using Levene’s test, tick the box Equality of variances.


  5. The results are shown in the right panel:


Further help from the community resources

Those looking for an in-depth introduction: You may read the respective chapter in the “Learning statistics with jamovi” web documentation or chapter 13.1 - 6 of the e-book by Danielle J. Navarro and David R. Foxcroft.