Welcome to the documentation for jamovi, a free and open statistical software to bridge the gap between researcher and statistician.

Before we begin, a brief remark on how to use this web page. The content is available in different languages. To change the language, please head to the “jamovi documentation” roll-up menu (in the bottom-left corner) and click on it. A larger menu unfolds where you can select the language you would like to read the documentation in. So far, only a few languages are translated completely, but you are very welcome to contribute to a translation into your language.

Getting started

The following topics should get you up and running with jamovi, with additional topics available from the menu to the left.

You can find further topics in the menu on the right-hand side: step-for-step instructions for conducting common analyses (“Analyses”), brief instructions how to deal with common tasks (“How to…”), information regarding how to get started with developing modules to extend the function of jamovi (“Developers Hub”), and information aiming to ease the transition from SPSS (“From SPSS to jamovi”).