Section author: Jonas Rafi


How to perform a factorial ANOVA in jamovi:
  1. You need one continuous continuous dependent variable, and one or more nominal grouping variables.
    A correct setup should look similar to this:


  2. Select AnalysesANOVAANOVA.


  3. Drag and drop your outcome variable to Dependent Variable and your grouping variables to Fixed Factors.


  4. The results are shown in the right panel:


Further help from the community resources

A more comprehensive introduction into this statistical method is provided by this video by Barton Poulson.
For those, aiming to stretch even further to an in-depth introduction, you can read the respective section in the “Learning statistics with jamovi” web documentation or chapter 14.1 - 4 of the e-book by Danielle J. Navarro and David R. Foxcroft.