Section author: Jonas Rafi

t-test: Paired samples

How to perform a paired samples t-test in jamovi:
  1. You need two continuous continuous variables, with each row representing a subject. i.e. the pair of values taken from each row represent paired measurements.
    A correct setup should look similar to this:


  2. Select AnalysesT-TestsPaired Samples T-Test.


  3. Drag and drop your two variables to Paired Variables (you can drag these one at a time, or select both variables in a pair by holding down the Ctrl-key while clicking on each, before dragging them across).


  4. The result is shown in the right panel.



Those who have previous experience with SPSS may want to have a look at the side-by-side-comparison of how a t-test for paired samples is conducted in SPSS and jamovi.

Further help from the community resources

This video by Barton Poulson provides a more comprehensive introduction into this test.
For those, aiming to stretch even further to an in-depth introduction, you can read the respective section in the “Learning statistics with jamovi” web documentation or chapter 11.5 of the e-book by Danielle J. Navarro and David R. Foxcroft.