Section author: Jonas Rafi

Descriptive analyses

How to perform descriptive analyses and create graphs in jamovi:
  1. Select AnalysesExplorationDescriptives.


  2. Drag and drop the variables you want descriptive analyses for to Variables.


  3. The result is shown in the right panel. Right-click on the output to save or copy it.


  4. To split your descriptive analyses on a categorical variable (e.g. to separate by gender), move that variable to Split by.


    This changes how the output looks like:


  5. Click the Statistics tab to see more alternatives.


  6. To create a plot based on the above choices, click the Plots tab and tick the box of your desired plot. If you would like to identify outliers and to check whehter your variables conform with a normal distribution, then you should tick Box plot, Violin, and Q-Q.


Further help from the community resources

If you would like to have these concepts explained in a different way, please have a look at this introductory video by Barton Poulson.
For those, aiming to stretch even further to an in-depth introduction, you can read the respective chapter in the “Learning statistics with jamovi” web documentation or chapter 4 of the e-book by Danielle J. Navarro and David R. Foxcroft.